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By taking this course, you'll develop mastery in the techniques and qualities to become an expert in this field, while immerging yourself in the country of “la dolce vita”.

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Why choose MD Academy?

MD Academy is located in the city of Como, in Lombardy, which is placed in North of Italy and it’s the most developed region of our country.
At MD we welcome students from all around the world to give them a professional training with our courses in different areas, with the guarantee of:

  • Great life balance: our students do not choose only a course, but a life experience. They will have the opportunity of combining work and study, also enjoying the Italian culture and tradition.
  • Schengen Area: Italy is part of the Shengen countries, so students will have the chance to explore not just our country, but also the other nearby countries which are very easily reachable from our city by train, bus, or plane.
  • Job opportunities: we are accredited by Regione Lombardia, the economic leader in Italy, which is also very close to Switzerland, a very rich country with many job opportunities.

So why should you choose to study at MD Academy? Our accredited body issues certificates which are valid to work in Italy and in Europe!

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Why choose our Professional Culinary Arts Course?

The Professional Culinary Arts Course by MD Academy prepares skilled professionals in the culinary, catering, and/or food and beverage industry for a quick and frictionless entry into the job market.

Benefits of our course:

  • Skill Certificate valid throughout Italy and in Europe, which allows you to start working in the country.
  • High-quality training with well-trained professionals.
  • Guaranteed apprenticeships in the best facilities and institutions in the area, with a high employment rate.
  • Real job opportunities thanks to our relationship with a network of companies actively looking to hire.
  • Guaranteed support for the bureaucratic procedures.

MD Academy culinary professional students

Is this the right course for me?

You should work as healthcare operator if:

  • You like experimenting in the kitchen.
  • You enjoy working with other people.
  • When it comes to work, you are flexible and want to remain active.


How it works: the journey step by step

Our program last approximately one year and is divided into two parts: one online and one in Italy

Before your arrival

Since all our courses are taught in Italian, knowing the basics of the language (level A1) is required before you start your training.
This is why we offer Italian classes for beginners, taught by experienced native-speaking teachers, with an oral exam in the end. We highly recommend you sign up today!

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After your arrival

Arrival Week: you will have a few days to get used to the time zone, unpack, and explore the area.

First 4 Weeks: (approx.): they will be dedicated to studying Italian (20 hours per week). This will allow you to communicate and use specific vocabulary of the fields of your course of interest.

Course-specific Training: starting from approximately the 5th week, classes specific to your chosen course will start. You will be studying for a maximum of 25 hours per week total.

Project work: starting from approximately the 35th-40th week, you will work on the final project.

Final exam: after completing your apprenticeship, you will be examined by an internal commission appointed by MD Academy. Upon successfully passing the exam, you will receive a Skill Certification.

If you wish to, there is the option of finding a part-time job: you can also find a part-time job, which will allow you to earn some extra money for your stay in Italy.

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Do you want to find out in detail the information regarding the Course?
Here are the answers you were looking for!

Mediadream s.r.l. is an accredited body of Regione Lombardia for the Professional Education - Registration N° 264. and for Employment Services - Registration N° 114.

You can find more details on MD Academy's accreditations on the official portal of Regione Lombardia: Official file.

Approximately 1 year, including the theoretical part of the course (600 hours) + apprenticeship (160 hours) for a total of 760 hours.

Contact us for more information: (+39) 3488614396.

By the end of our course, you will receive a Certification of Professional Skills officially recognized by the administrative region of Lombardy.
This is an important addition to your resume, or curriculum vitae, that shows you have gained all the required skills to work in a professional kitchen. Additionally, the Culinary Arts course also includes the mandatory Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (H.A.C.C.P.) course, which is a legal requirement in Italy for all professionals that handle food and beverages. This means that, once you have completed your learning journey with us, you will be fully equipped with everything you need to start a successful career in the culinary industry.

Contact us for more information: (+39) 3488614396

Prior to attending classes in-person, we require our students to have obtained our Level A1 Certificate. This is a mandatory requirement for enrollment.

Once in Italy, in order to fully assimilate the learning material you will need to know basic Italian. This is why our programs for international students include an Italian course.

Contact us for more information: (+39) 3488614396.

There is no specific requirement regarding your previous education

Contact us for more information: (+39) 3488614396.

Cooks, chefs, bakers and other similar professional figures are among some of the most requested throughout Italy and Europe. This is especially true for popular tourist destinations, and Italy is undoubtedly one of them. In the past two years, in certain Italian regions, job offers related to this field have grown to be even higher than pre-Covid. As travel and safety regulations are being removed or becoming decidedly less strict, the tourism and entertainment industry is experiencing a sort of rebirth. In 2022, Italian companies operating in the food and beverage field have hired more than 755 thousand new employees. At the same time, more than 64% of companies have encountered difficulties in finding enough employees for their activity. The restaurant and catering market has provided the most job offers in the past year (source: Confcommercio Annual Report – 2023).

Contact us for more information: (+39) 3488614396.

The apprenticeship offered by the facilities and companies that we work with is an integral part of the learning journey, aiming to provide students with fundamental skills and knowledge needed to carry out their job efficiently and effectively.
You will be able to learn first-hand what it's like to work in the restaurant and catering field. This will represent the perfect opportunity to practice and grow with the support of your co-workers. Companies and restaurants are looking to hire versatile and flexible professional figures; therefore, during your apprenticeship you may work, for example, as an assistant cook, assistant baker, and/or a waiter.

Your working days and hours will follow the usual shifts of the facilities you will be assigned to, for a total of 160 hours. Here are examples of the types of workplaces where you may carry out your apprenticeship:
- Restaurants and pizzerias
- Cafeterias
- Catering services
- Bakeries
- Cafés
- Hotel restaurants

Contact us for more information: (+39) 3488614396.

If you have at least completed your high school studies in Italy, then you are exempted from Italian classes and exams.

In all other cases, if you believe to already have a sufficient level of knowledge of the Italian language, then you can choose to not take Italian classes and only take the Italian exam for each level required. Please note that in the event that you fail the exam, you will need to sign up for language classes and retake the exam(s), as passing it is mandatory.

Contact us for more information: (+39) 3488614396.

You can pay for the course via PayPal or Bank Transfer

Contact us for more information: (+39) 3488614396.

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